The Thayne Gang In a rare, dignified moment..

The Thayne Gang In a rare, dignified moment..

It all started when...

the cutest and friendliest guy on the university's ballroom dance team asked me to dance that first day.  Little did I know it meant for the rest of our lives. 

I also didn't realize it would mean I would eventually be introduced to five of the most incredible humans I'd have the privilege and pleasure of knowing.

I say it starts with these six folks, because they are the inspiration for my work.  I've always said, if no one reads what I write but my family, it will still be worth any effort.  

The gift of breast cancer at age 30 brought me some real quick wisdom.  I determined not to let my life pass without having written and shared my experiences, joys, and faith with my loved ones.  Now those loved ones extend to you, my dear readers.

Want a little more ABOUT me?  I am an incessant list-maker, so here's a quick list:

  • Find comfort in--and rarely share--my swivel glider rocker
  • Favorite color combo:  navy and yellow
  • Addicted to sugar--therefore can't have it, but still desperately want it
  • Choose biographies over any other kind of book
  • Was a high school history teacher
  • Battle the need to have everyone pleased with me at all times
  • Crave stories of my heritage
  • Work alongside my husband as the marketing/PR director in our companies' missions to strengthen families
  • Attracted to sparkling things like chandeliers, jewelry and conversation
  • Will let my husband talk me into any new animal or business, as long as I get to name it
  • Can't pass up a cute journal, planner or notebook
  • Would choose fries and fry sauce as my manna from heaven to eat every day 
  • Word most used by others in describing me:  enthusiastic
  • Have a rock sold faith in a loving and intimately involved Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ,
  • Treasure my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Let's explore some life lessons together, shall we?

Delighted you're here.



Roxanne is a engaging and thoughtful presenter, having taught and led for over 25 years in church, community, and business settings. 

As an entrepreneur she has been the partner and marketing/ PR director  to her husband Tim, in companies ranging from hog farms to mobile technology to in-home services that strengthen families with struggling teens.  

She serves on advisory committees for schools, corporations, and non-government organizations.

Asked to present regularly, Roxanne is comfortable in any setting, from small groups in a park, to thousands in an auditorium.  Her subjects cover a range of topics including health, marriage, leadership, business marketing, story, spirituality, and strengthening families.

If you are interested in having Roxanne present to your group, reach out to her through the contact page of this site.