“A combo of natural bubbly fun, and deep grounding wisdom that is timeless.”

I consider Roxanne to be articulate and extraordinarly thoughtful.  The time you invest in reading what she writes will bring you dividends!

— Margaret Kitterman, Ph.D.


"No matter what she does or says, we listen to her and are inspired by her."

I have met few people who always manage to be the light in the group that others gather around. This is Roxanne Thayne. She is in my journal class, and I can hardly wait for her turn so that I can hear and enjoy what she has written.  She is a born leader and friend in all walks of life

--Vickie Erickson, educator and author of "The Art of Mob Control:  How I Almost Learned to Teach School"


"A dynamic leader, thinker, and writer."

Roxanne Thayne is, in a word, vibrant.  Everyone within her orbit feels the passion and pull of this world-class encourager.

--Lynne Christofferson, composer and author of "Sisters Arise"


"Inspired by the strength of her spirit and the caliber of her character..."

I have had the privilege of hearing Roxanne present in front of many types of audiences.  I was particularly impressed by her presentation at an event at the United Nations.  She was clear and precise,  engaging and relevant,  even to an audience of people antagonistic to her message. 

--Debora Fletcher, founder, Sustainable Families


"I always come away with an insight that makes me want to try harder..."

I have read and heard Roxanne's inspiring words for many years now and in my mind, two things separate her from so many of us who also cherish our faith.  One is her willingness to act on her faith in service to family, friends and other needful travelers, and second are her divinely given gifts to write, speak and inspire. 

--Shawn Platt, D.O.

"I count myself lucky to have crossed paths and become friends."

I have had the privilege of working with Roxanne Thayne for nearly fifteen years. As a writer, she is someone who can articulate missions and messages quickly, succinctly, and with a positive tone. She makes everyone's writing better. I've enjoyed a front row seat as Roxanne plays leadership roles in work, social, and community settings, and have always benefitted by her enthusiastic encouragement in both my professional and personal endeavors. 

--Dawnie Williams, Client Services Director, Homeward Bound






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"Listening to her is like sitting through a TEDTalk from a personal friend." 

Having shared the stage and sat on panels with Roxanne over the years, I’m amazed at her ability to be engaging, funny, and inspirational. Insights she shares are things you find yourself writing down (and wishing you had said!).  She has a unique ability to both challenge thinking while making you feel like she is in your camp cheering you to better performance.

--Kendall Lyman, leadership consultant and author of "Change the Way You Change"


“Ambitious and Extraordinary!”

She is one of a kind...uniquely feminine with a style all her own.. No task, trial or trivial pursuit  she wont tackle if it will benefit her family.  She is fearless and undaunted!

— Christine Van Wagenen, educator and founder of The Guest House


"Spending time with Roxanne sparks change."

Whether it's five minutes talking to her through the car window or an hour hiking the mountainside with her, I always walk away motivated to make positive changes in my life. She is real and genuine. Without even trying, her energy level and quick wit captivates you and leaves you feeling better about who you are and the direction you are headed. We all need a little sparkle in our lives.  We all need a Roxanne! 

--Heather Griffin, dancer and youth leader

"Any time I get the chance to hear Roxanne’s thoughts, I jump for it!"

It's wonderful to work, walk and talk with Roxanne.  Every time I have the privilege of hearing her thoughts and advice, I come away with new inspiration and determination for my own life.   She is an engaging motivator and a true delight.  

--Rae Seal, partner, Seal & Erickson


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We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.
— Galileo Galilei