The Parable of the Balloon

As we stood on a street corner to finish our conversation, my insightful friend Rae gifted me a beautiful analogy.

She explained that much of the time she feels like she is just floating in life.  Like a balloon with day old helium, she hovers or is blown around by any breeze or bump. 

No obvious direction.  No real progress.  Just floating there. 

It can be a disconnected and frustrating place to remain.

Slowly the full image was revealed to her however.  She wasn’t floating alone.  She never had been.  She was actually tethered by a string, that’s being held by God. 

She doesn’t feel rough tugs most of the time.  Instead, she is gently nudged or guided along in directions she doesn't fully recognize until she figuratively wakes up and finds herself exactly where she needs to be.

Knowing she could never have arrived at the perfect spot for her or her family by her own strength or wisdom, she gives thanks that she is tied to a gentle, loving and omniscient Father in Heaven.

He consistently leads her—and all of us--where He needs us to be.  If we will only allow it.