I'm a Writer

I’m a writer. 

Yikes!  Did I just write that out loud?  It sounds so presumptuous.

Hemingway, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Victor Hugo are writers.  I am…just me.

But if the definition of a writer is simply “one who composes with language,” then yes, I’ve been a writer for years.  40+ years to be exact.

As a child, I was gifted a reddish brown, fabric covered journal by Steve and Doug Hatch.  These brothers were close family friends and had come to visit on a special 8th birthday. 

The gold embossed word “Journal” on the front was intimidating and electrifying as I traced it with my small pointer finger.  It felt like was telling me that I needed to be really smart and solemn to dare claim it as my own.

When I cracked the stiff spine open, I was tempted, but reluctant to write on those smooth, brown lined pages.  I was sure I would make a mess of it.  I did feel confident however about filling in the place marked for the date and page number.  It was a start.

Four years later, in a class at church, Betty Morgan gave a lesson on writing in your journal.  I don’t know what it was about her preparation, or my own, but that lesson struck something deep in my soul. 

I would accept this challenge as a command from God.  I was to write.

Finding a quiet corner of the house--or the porch’s chaise lounge--every Sunday I did.  And except for a few years while stumbling through the fog of child bearing and rearing, I have continued.

I’ll fast forward through the years of English class papers, history articles, speeches, marketing pieces, letters, family newsletters, social media, and books with my husband.  I continued to read and write to those closest to me.

Some of you reading this blog may have heard me teach or read my writing in the past.  Or maybe we haven’t been properly introduced yet.  Either way, I can tell you this…

I am no expert on anything. 

But I will defend this claim to my grave: 

There is no one better qualified to write on my observations and experiences, than little ol’ me.

I thank God and these early mentors for investing in a young girl, and awakening a most sweet and creative joy. 


Delighted you’re here.

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