A Thoroughbred Spirit



Whatever you’re ready for is ready for you!

--Mark Victor Hansen

Have you ever felt your heart start beating out of your chest, set off by a random, new thought? 

Have you ever felt desperate for pen and paper to capture an idea, or it will be gone from your frenzied mind and you'll miss out on the success that could have been yours?

Have you ever had a new possibility send your mind spinning and your fingers tingling to text a confidant, because it hits you that "This is so me…" ?

It’s exhilarating stuff.  There is tangible, electrifying and propelling power generated when a prepared mind collides with a new notion.

My Aunt Julie is one who provides me with moments like this every time we have the rare opportunity to visit.  Because she is a voracious student of pretty much every subject--from health, to economics, to politics, to spirituality, to family relations, to our ancestor’s history--she showers me with new ideas. 

In what looks like a casual chat to an outside observer, I am driven to take notes, capture references for where she learned that, dive deeper with each idea by asking how she thinks I could apply it to my humble circumstances.

One day I squealed “Oh my gosh.  I want to do it ALL!” 

She smiled an encouraging and empathetic smile and said “Roxanne, you have a thoroughbred spirit in a mule’s body.”

I blinked and thought “Well, that was a nice way to confirm that I have a few pounds to lose, and need a little toning up.”  But she went on to explain.

“Wanting to run, to learn and to do it all now is completely natural.  Don't fight it.  It is the divine spirit that is placed in you.  But we are all confined to mortal bodies that need fed, sufficient sleep, and a chance to heal from occasional injury or illness.  There will come a time when we wont have to deal with our mortal limitations, but that time is not yet.”

I let that sink in for a moment…then scrambled to find a sticky note to write it down on.

We need to ask ourselves if we have been feeding our thoroughbred spirits with wonderful, divine, inspiring words from a variety of sources?  When was the last time we listened to that divine voice inside, or felt like we would go crazy if we didn’t act on what was being revealed to us?

Rather than plodding along like an old Eor, let’s commit to capturing the idea’s motivating energy, and take a step in the direction of our possibility.

My sister gave me a little navy plate that I use as a coaster on my office desk.  In gold lettering it says “Make it Happen.”  In hopeful and real steps, we can all quicken our pace in turning an inanimate idea into our dream come true.