Why I Choose to Be Healthy


Nearly a decade ago, I wrote up a list for why I want to be healthy for myself and  for my family.  (It was likely prompted by disgust over the fact that I now couldn’t fit into jeans I had previously considered donating to charity because they were so big on me.)

Focused on diet and exercise and how they influence my spiritual and family life, several people requested a copy.  I printed it out for them, and then hung one inside my medicine cabinet mirror. 

I'll admit that it gets read only yearly because honestly, that’s about as often as it's noticed, dejectedly hanging there, as I reach past it for my toxic hairspray. 

With the start of a new year, I find this list defines and motivates once again.  Though I feel a tad vulnerable sharing my struggles in such a public way, perhaps it will hold me accountable to live it out, and at the same time give you a little kick in the right direction too.

Why I want to be healthy for myself:

  • I want to fit easily into any clothes I find; no strange bulges or bumps.
  • I want to have a minimalist wardrobe; not spending countless hours and dollars shopping for clothes that disguise and owning one in every size.
  • I want to feel courageous about trying new physical challenges:  climbing Angles Landing, hiking in the Grand Canyon, speed walking a marathon, attending yoga retreats, taking a dance class, or taking horses into the mountains.
  • I want to stop thinking about my body and other’s looking at it. 
  • I want to feel confident that there is nothing strange or unattractive to stare at, it’s just a normal, fit and modest body.
  • I want to wake up and have my stomach feel good every morning; not like there is something still processing or making me feel constipated or gassy.
  • I want to feel disciplined in the food I choose to take in; making everything that goes into my mouth be a conscious decision to fuel my body, not just stuff it.
  • I want to stop having headaches from overindulgence; I want a headache to come because of exertion or because I haven’t rehydrated after physical work.
  • I want to train my tongue to have a little and be satisfied, not continue to look for fulfillment in a cookie jar or candy bar.
  • I want to be mistake for someone younger than I am because of my vitality and energy.
  • I want to feel confident in my ability to choose my own lifestyle, and the discipline to carry it out.
  • I want to feel the influence of the Holy Ghost in my life; and that happens when I’m not complaining or indulging myself.
  • I want to have the blessings that the Word of Wisdom lists for keeping the commandments in caring for my mortal body; I want to be wise and learn quickly what the Lord has to teach me.
  • I want to jump out of bed, eager to read my scriptures and move my body and see what good I can do in the day; I don’t want to roll over and wonder when my next nap will be.
  • I want to move my body, eat the best I can, be happy with the body the Lord has given me, then move on to better things to think about!

Why I want to be healthy for my family:

  • I want to be here for them long-term; decades and decades.
  • I want to enjoy what my family is experiencing; not just send them off with others to have those physically challenging experiences.
  • I want to set a good example of diet and exercise leading to a healthy life.
  • I want them to eat the good things I am fixing for meals and enjoy eating that way.
  • I want my hubby to be attracted to me.
  • I want them to learn to be satisfied with enough, not always seeking for more.
  • I don’t want them to seek a doctor’s help, when they can help themselves through living the Word of Wisdom (our health code).
  • I want to be able to give them my attention, and not be distracted by things that don’t matter in eternity.

Dang.  I have a long way to go.  But I. Want. That.